Woman Behind the Reader | A Day in the Life

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Hey, girl hey! Before we moved too far in depth, I thought I would go ahead and tell you my routine.  This does have some variances, days are like snowflakes, no two are the same. So, I’m going to tell you how a weekday should go for me.

Woman Behind the reader a day in the life

6:30 – Wake Up (go pee… duh)

6:35 – Get dressed, give Hunter my phone with YouTube videos, and go pick out Hunter’s OOTD.

6:45 – Dress Hunter (and yes, I dress him at 6 years old, while he is half asleep)

6:50 – fix my hair (really I put it in a messy bun) and do my makeup.

7:00 – Other random crap…

7:18 – Head for school and send my sweet boy on the way

8:15 –  Work at my day job (I’m a receptionist)  and I am so lucky that I am able to read and blog at work.  VERY

12:30 – I take lunch and this is the time I primarily read or message a handful of my online friends. (On Wednesday I listen to the newest Boss Girl Creative Podcast Shoutout Taylor!)

1:30 – Stuck in the office for a while longer

5:15 – I drive to get Hunter from the after school at his school

6:00 – cook dinner/eat/tv time

6:45 – Sight word practice

7:00 – bath/read/movie before Hunter goes to sleep… (we kinda co-sleep more on that later)

8:45 – change and go to the gym

9:00 – Working on my fitness

10:00 – Shower

10:15 – snuggle in my bed and read or meet blog deadlines.

Is your day just as crazy? Probably more so??  Hit me up! I would love to hear what you want to hear more about how insane your day is!!