Romance Novels 101: Romance Sub-Genres

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Are you ready to dive into the nitty gritty?  Romance sub-genres are abundant!  It’s actually kind of funny to me because I wanted to see what others were saying about the sub-genres on the web and they only had six or seven sub categories, but the more I think on the more I come up with. As I mentioned last week a sub-genre is breaking down the genre in smaller categories, there is truly know way, in my opinion that you can only have a handful of sub genres in romance.  When you finish the list I want to know what your go to romance sub-genre is!

what are romance sub-genres
Let’s start with three sub-genres that are bigger umbrellas and what the tell us:

Young Adult (YA):  The characters in these stories are around high school, sometimes first year of college

New Adult (NA): These characters are in or fresh out of college, these characters are transitioning into adulthood

Adult: These characters are fully functioning adults, age wise at least, they are considered an adult

*Note: These categories relate to CHARACTERS age, not the READERS age. Please read any YA a novel romance or otherwise prior to gifting to a teen.

romance sub-genres

Now that we have covered that there are tons of subs that can fall under all three of these umbrellas. (This list is no particular order)

Historical Romance – these take place at any point in the past (I haven’t read many of these, but my favorite is the Beckett Files by Laura Beers)

Regency Romance – take place in the period of the British Regency, the early 19th century (Rec from Angie’s Dreamy’s Reads: Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas)

Romantic Suspense – is driven by the threat of danger and romance (this is one of my favorites!)

Western Romance – think hot cowboys, the setting can be contemporary or historical (Try the Cowboys & Angels series by Kelly Elliott)

Romantic Comedy – another one of my favorites, these stories will make you laugh and are witty and humorous 

Paranormal Romance – think vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts… I’ve only read a few but really enjoyed Must Love Lions by Alma Black

Mystery Romance – These are similar to romantic suspense, but they are also solving a mystery, my favorite is the Rose Gardner Series by Denise Grover Swank

Contemporary Romance – These novels are set in the current day and time, all of these books I wanted to read last year are contemporary romance

Fantasy Romance – a character finds out that they posses magic or psychic abilities (The Hundredth Queen Series by Emily R. King looks amazing!)

Time Travel Romance –  This could probably considered a sub-genre of paranormal romance, one or both of the characters can transport to a different time or place.  I haven’t read this book, but I loved the movie! The Time Travelers Wife

Sports Romance – if you didn’t guess this story is based around sports! My favorites are the Pucked Series by Helena Hunting and The Player Duet by K. Bromberg 

Erotic Romance – this is what a lot people think of when they hear romance, but it is driven by sex, like all kinds of crazy, some times kinky sex (I don’t have a go-to erotic, so here is a link to the Top 100 on Amazon)

Inspirational Romance – has an element of religion to the story (once again not something I read often, so check out Amazon.)

MM Romancealso covered in romance terms is a love story of two men falling in love I haven’t read any, but from what I hear Brook Blaine kills it!

Clean Romance – These have fade to black sex scenes and are more PG/PG-13 stories, think the Hallmark Channel (I recommend Love You Through It by Fabiola Francisco)

Interracial Romance – this is pretty self explanatory, but the couple is two different races (shocking!) Check out Grip by Kennedy Ryan!

Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance: is speculative fiction with imagined concepts and advanced technology, if this sounds like your thing, I found these on Amazon.

What is your favorite romance sub-genre???

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