I’ve talked about my love for romance many times, I have gushed and raved about my favorite romance novels, from comedy to suspense. I LOVE IT ALL.  But, I haven’t always been a reader. Shocking, I know! I wasn’t around from the beginning when indie romance novels were taking off.  I didn’t start reading romance because of Twilight or Fifty Shades, and to this day, I still haven’t read those stories that so many others credit to bringing reading into their worlds.

I started reading almost four years ago now, when I started a new job in a new industry and I found my that I had a lot of time when I was sitting at my desk during the day.  My co-worker showed my how to access the Kindle Cloud and I could read books right there on my desktop and BOOM!


I started out reading mysteries, which lead me down the path to cozy mysteries.  Have your read Cozy Mystery? They tend to get a little… redundant when you are binge reading them, so I found my next favorite… romantic suspense.  Some of my first favorites were Gina LaManna, Colleen Helme, and Liliana Hart.  But the author that really introduced me to the romance community and kind of introduced me to the romance way of life was Denise Grover Swank and her Rose Gardner series.

You see, at the end of her books she had links to her online Facebook community to talk about the books while waiting for the next one.  Let me tell you. I thought I was fanatical when talking to my real life friends and family about this series, but these ladies took it to an entire new extreme. And in that instant, I knew. I KNEW that I had found my people.

I made two of my best friends in the online romance novel world through this group.  Monique, Asheley and I who live all over the world. THREE different continents y’all. And four years later I am still calling them my best friends. THAT IS REMARKABLE.

I still remember when I was growing up and chat rooms were a thing (A/S/L anyone?) and we were instructed not to talk to strangers online. Well now. The vast majority of the people I know, I met online! It’s crazy, but it’s true.

Before I found these amazing ladies, I was on my own trying to navigate the romance world, there was an entire vernacular to learn, acronyms, tropes, sub-genres, Facebook groups, bookstagrams and the list goes on and one and I was quite frankly lost attempting navigate this new found land.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to dive into the online romance novel world and show you, as a beginner how to find the places to fit in and understand the language that we speak.  You might already know all of these things and that’s great, maybe you have a friend who needs a guide!

I can’t wait to dive in with you next week!

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