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Heartbreaker Review | Heartbreaker by Logan Chanceby Logan Chance

on October 31, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Coming back to sell my childhood home should've been easy. Nothing in life is easy. Especially when Catherine Wells is determined to make it hard. And by hard, I mean, well... hard.

She's sweet and feisty and determined to get under my skin in every way imaginable.

Now, I have something new to focus on.


I shouldn't even be thinking about her.

I should just walk away.

They call me a heartbreaker but they've never met Catherine Wells.

Novel Thoughts

Heartbreaker by Logan Chance was my first book by him and the cover of this book is what really hooked me. That shirtless man in a beanie? Yep. I grabbed that right up. I honestly had no idea what to expect jumping in to Heartbreaker, but it was remarkable.

Booker and Cat, our leads, were both in very different places in their lives and it felt as if the world was against them and if they started something, they were destined for heartbreak. Booker was in a very bad head space when he met Cat and they had a rocky start. Literally.

“He left and took with him the rain. The rain needed to everything alive.”

Cat was a single mom, who, like myself has full custody of her son. I always feel a closer connection to single moms when I read, the fact that Cat had full custody and her dad and step-mom, helped by watching him, this was just really special for me. Because. That is my life. Cat is a strong woman who does everything she can to protect herself and her son from the Heartbreaker, Booker.

Booker runs a website called, Heartbreaker, a website giving men and women love advice, but sometimes, it’s easier to give advice than to take your own advice. He has had a rough life and has difficulty getting past that, but once he does… *sigh* you will need to read to see.

Heartbreaker is emotional, steamy and uplifting. A single mom romance that will stick with me for years to come. Logan Chance did break my heart, but he healed it as well.

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