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Dirty Laundry Review | Dirty Laundry by Liliana Hartby Liliana Hart

on February 27, 2018
Genres: Romantic Suspense

A new novel in the New York Times bestselling series: Coroner JJ Graves and her husband Sheriff Jack Lawson are back on the job when the body of an elderly woman is found in Bloody Mary.

Rosalyn McGowen is everyone’s favorite great-grandmother. She always has baked treats in her bag, she smells of roses, and she takes in stray cats. No one knows who could hurt a sweet old lady. But Rosalyn isn’t exactly as she seems. Every Thursday at noon Rosalyn secretly posts The Bloody Mary Tattler on social media, and it has everyone in town both captivated and horrified.

When Rosalyn’s secret is discovered along with her body, it’s not easy for JJ to determine her death as a homicide. But it’s not long before they discover the list of suspects is endless and Rosalyn didn’t exactly take all of her secrets to the grave.

Novel Thoughts

Oh how I have missed J.J., Jack and the town of Bloody Mary! This is a story that will not leave my mind for a long time because… well a dead body had been eaten by cats!! BLOOD EVERYWHERE!! The visual alone is enough to keep me from ever owning cats. I mean … UCK!

It’s been a year or two since we have had a new book set in this would and it took me right back to the place that I loved so much. Dirty Laundry wasn’t quite as scary or intense as the I remember the prior novels being, perhaps because the killer wasn’t after J.J. this time and we weren’t constantly looking over our shoulders.

I will tell you that the ending, the reveal of the who done it, blew my mind! I thought I knew but WOW I was so impressed with Liliana’s execution of delivering us the killer that I never saw coming. At least I wasn’t alone, the rest of the people in the neighborhood didn’t see it coming either.

In Dirty Laundry Jack and JJ are back from honeymoon and let me tell you just because they are married and back home doesn’t mean that this couple is done having intimate moments… even in the back of police cars in the dead of the night. I love seeing their passion for each other and for their friends, and how they all have each others back. You know… everyone except Jaye’s pesky father who seems to pop at the worst times!

Dirty Laundry and the rest of the J.J. Graves Mystery series are highly recommended by me, Liliana was one of the first romantic suspense authors that I couldn’t get enough of!!

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