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The Coaching Hours Review | The Coaching Hours by Sara Neyby Sara Ney
Series: How to Date a Douchebag

on February 5, 2018
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Format: ARC
Source: Inkslinger PR
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THERE ARE NO DOUCHEBAGS IN THIS STORY. Well, there are, but they’re not who this story is about. This story is about me—the coach’s daughter. When I moved to Iowa to live with my dad, the university's take-no-prisoners wrestling coach, I thought transferring would be easy as pie—living with my father would be temporary, and he'd make sure his douchebag wrestlers left me alone. Wrong on both counts. ASSHOLES ALWAYS COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK WHEN THE STAKES ARE HIGH. A bet is placed, and I'm on the table. After one humiliating night and too much alcohol, I find the last nice guy on campus. And when he offers to rent me his spare bedroom, I go all in. It’s time for the nice guy to finish first. Midnight chats and spilling my problems turn to lingering touches. Lingering touches turn to more. And the ultimate good guy has the potential do more damage than any douchebags ever could.

I received this book for free from Inkslinger PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Novel Thoughts

Sara Ney is the queen of Douchiness!

I loved The Coaching Hours more than I thought possible. I thoroughly enjoyed each of her books leading up to this one and I really didn’t know how it could get any better.



We know that the heroine is Coach Donnely’s daughter and I’m going to keep to myself who the hero is because really, I think it will make those of you who have read this series gasp and if you are going into this as a standalone, then it won’t really matter to you the who of it.

There are a few tropes that I crave and thirst for and after reading The Coaching Hours my thirst is quenched for a little while longer. Anabelle is strong and stands up for herself and she is fierce. So forgiving and honestly, I wish I could be more like her. She stood up for herself when she needed it to and her independence is admirable.

In The Coaching Hours you just might find yourself conflicted with how you feel about characters, I mean, some of these people you haven’t gotten to know over the past few books and there is just no way they can be redeemed, right? Well, let’s just see what you are saying when you finish the Coaching Hours.

I absolutely adored our hero. I really didn’t think that he was that much of a douche. I think the way that he handled all that was thrown his was pretty stellar! I mean. He did have the rug pulled out from under him.

The Coaching Hours had me laughing, crying and feeling sick to my stomach. Honestly, if Sara wanted to write one more installment of HTDADB I wouldn’t even be mad about it and I think one last character deserves a book!

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