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Bashful Review | Bashful by Lo Brynolfby Lo Brynolf

on March 28, 2018
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Format: ARC
Source: Give Me Books

Callie Miller loves drama. As a theatre major, that’s a given.

It’s hard to date in the theatre department when all the guys are either taken or gay—like her best friend and longtime crush.
When Callie becomes the lead in the biggest production of the year, she realizes she has no time for love.

Until Sebastian “Bash” Moore reenters her life, stage left.
He left everything behind three years ago to chase his dreams. But his heart remained at home, tied to memories of a tiny blonde with a flair for the dramatics—on and off the stage.
Bash is determined to become her leading man, and he will do anything to get out of the friend-zone and win her love. Only, it might not be so easy.

Callie Miller might love drama, but she’s out to protect her heart…

I received this book for free from Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Novel Thoughts

Bashful is a great debut novel by Lo Brynolf! This is a college romantic comedy, was humorous albeit frustrating for me to read at time. I’m talking, I had full on reader rage at one point. This tends to be a problem for me when I read dual POV books and I know things that the other characters don’t know.

I adored Bash! He is sweet and charming and protective. I felt awful for him because he was giving Callie mixed signals, but at the same time, he was pretty hot and cold himself. One of my favorite things about this story were the friendships that were built into Bashful, I felt like I actually knew the friends and families, they were so well developed.

No, let’s discuss Callie. This girl. Gah. At some points I really liked her and then other times she made me want bash 😉 my head into a wall. I just wanted her to open her freaking eyes. And drama, it says in the blurb that she loves drama, and that is so true! She was ALL ABOUT THE DRAMA. Which let’s be honest, that holds true to most 21 year old girls.

Overall I was impressed with the writing of Bashful, it was a fun, quick read that was able to evoke all kinds of emotion from me and I would recommend to friends that love drama filled flirty books and I can’t wait to see how Lo Brynolf will follow up Bashful.

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