Laura Beers just released her latest novel, To Love a Spy and I have once again fell in love with a new couple in The Beckett Files series!

The Reading Reading order for The Beckett Files:
Saving Shadow
A Peculiar Courtship 
To Love a Spy

The Beckett Files Reading order and regency romance interview

If you are like me and are kind of skeptical when it comes to reading Regency Romance, let me assure you that these are the heaving bosom style stories that we have all heard about, no these stories are about some kick-ass heroines and the men that fall in love with them.  These women are daring for their time and actually use weapons! *gasp* So scandalous! Seriously though, these are some tough women who stand their ground and do what the believe is the right thing to do and are very empowering.

I had the opportunity to interview regency romance author, Laura Beers, and it was so much fun! If you enjoy this interview, get ready for more come down the pipeline!

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