I’ve done it! I have set my Goodreads goal at 104 this year. Last year I set my goal at 200 and missed, the previous year I read close to 300 and every year since things have just simply decided it’s time to spend time not reading every single free moment I have! *collective gasp*

Our reading goals are a funny thing, I talk to someone in my day to day life and tell them I plan to read just over a hundred books this year and they can’t believe that either A) I actually enjoy reading or B) have the time to read. Then there is my online reading community that is constantly nose to Kindle and you can’t believe I would set my goal so low!

There are several reasons why I’m dropping my reading goal this year.

Family Time

I’m a single mom and the older my son gets the more time he needs with me, the later he goes to bed and I don’t want to miss any of his amazing life with him because I’m stuck in a fictional world. Does this mean I won’t ever read when my son is around? HECK NO. When he plants his butt in front of the television you better believe that I will pull up the Kindle App on my phone and start reading.  But, the more quality time I spend with him the less time I have to spend reading.  It’s bittersweet, but I’d rather be with my son.


I say that now, and it’s really not something I particularly enjoy, because ugh. Men in real life are not like my book boyfriends.  I know it’s shocking, but it’s a sad reality that I must face.  That said I really do want to put myself out there and actually go on a date or five this year, because I didn’t go on a single day in 2017! It has been a year and a half since I have had dinner or gone out with a man!  It really didn’t seem like that long until I typed that just now. WOW. #Booklady (get it? Book lady, instead of cat lady?)  If I’m not attempting to binge read I will feel much more compelled to actually go on a date and find my own happily ever after 😉


I want you, my reader, to have an actual reason to come to my blog! I know that reviews are a dime a dozen these days with all the different places you can read reviews and all in one place at that.  Therefore I want to curate some really fantastic content for you to read that isn’t already on ten different sites.  I want you to engage with me!  Reading takes up so so much time that it’s difficult to write a good quality post and the graphics that go with it when I’m in the constant state of reading. So be on the lookout for a new post from me every Friday!

There is ONE more reason, but because I don’t have an official launch date I don’t want to tell you quite yet! What are your reading goals this year?  Are you reading more or less? I want to hear from you!